The Kingdom of Azemora is an ancient kingdom. It’s first founding was on the island located to the south of the continent, during the Age of Awakening. It was a small settlement founded by Azemora’s first King: Ardalan Azemore. The settlement now no longer exists. However, during their time, it flourished and spread its influence in form of other settlements across the island.

Eventually the island was no longer sufficient to maintain the growing populace. The people of Azemora then sought to inhabit the mainland. Their first settlement was successful but little did they know that the mainland already had occupants. The Elves of Eârmellos.

The Elves of Eârmellos were peaceful and welcoming to the Humes. They gave them permission to occupy the lower basin of the continent, so long as they did not push into Elven lands. Unfortunately Eârmellos was too trusting of the Humes and naive of their power lust. Soon the Humes populated more than their fair share of the continent and many conflicts followed. The worse of them occurred during the Age of Kings, in what was then known as the Crimson Wars.

Over the Ages the Elves of Eârmellos and Humes of Azemora began to settle their differences. The major cause of this was due to the devastating war against the Demon Demi-Goddess. Now that the Age of Cataclysm is over, the Humes have flourished once again. What conflicts will arise now is only known to the Gods and their Seers.

The Kingdom of Azemora is split into four Regions:

  1. The North East Province
  2. The North West Province
  3. The Central Province
  4. The Southern Province


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